About Us

Who We Are

Claro Pool Services, Inc like many other companies and organizations is simply an expression of who we are as individuals…We are a group of educated, committed passionate men and women having decided that we are stronger together and further having decided that can assist our subscribers as they own and use their swimming pools under our famous Coachella Valley SUN. As we alluded to earlier owning a pool is sometimes more work than pleasure and a swimming pool is meant to be great, not troublesome! We as a team will find a way to transform the backyard pool that sometimes does not get much love and attention to the incubator of great things again….SWIM on.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple and is as easily revealed as looking through a brilliant turquoise swimming pool….your pool ready when you are!

Our Values

Prominently displayed several times in our office in Palm Desert you will find our values and they really are pretty simple…

INSPIRE your coworkers to do great things for our subscribers

EMPOWER your coworkers to great accomplishments through relevant education that directly benefits our subscribers 

• Hold your coworkers ACCOUNTABLE to written standards and procedures that govern all of us

REWARD each other with your kindness and enjoy the fruits of your labors


Claro Pool Services

Phone: 760-776-3500